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Dr Mónica S. N. Oliveira

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

James Weir Fluids Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G1 1XJ, UK


Mónica Oliveira is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering in the University of Strathclyde. She has a PhD in Chemical & Process Engineering from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK), and a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal). She became interested in complex fluid flows and rheology during her postdoc in the Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics Research Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge MA, USA), after which she returned to the University of Porto to join CEFT (Transport Phenomena Research Centre) where she held a research position until 2012. Her research focuses on fluid flows and transport phenomena, in particular the rheology of complex fluids, non-Newtonian fluid dynamics and microfluidics. Mónica Oliveira publishes her research results in leading international journals including Physical Review Letters, Physics of Fluids, Microfluidics & Nanofluidics, Soft Matter and Journal of Fluid Mechanics. She is a member of both the Society of Rheology of the American Institute of Physics, and the British Society of Rheology.

Selected publications

Microfluidics converging-diverging channels optimised for homogeneous extension deformation
Zografos, K, Pimenta, F, Alves, MA, Oliveira, MSN

Biomicrofluidics 10: 043508.

A Review of Hemorheology: Measuring Techniques and Recent Advances
Sousa, PC, Pinho, FT, Alves, MA, Oliveira, MSN

Korea-Australia Rheology Journal 28: 1-22.

Purely elastic flow instabilities in microscale cross-slot devices
Sousa, PC, Pinho, FT, Oliveira, MSN, Alves, MA

Soft Matter 11: 8856-8862

A design rule for constant depth microfluidic networks for power-law fluids
Zografos K and Barber RW and Emerson DR and Oliveira, MSN.

Microfluidis and Nanofluidics 19: 737-749.

An Optimized Cross-Slot Flow Geometry for Microfluidic Extensional Rheometry
Haward, SJ and Oliveira, MSN and Alves, MA and McKinley, GH.

Physical Review Letters 109, 128301.

Research interests

Complex fluids are ubiquitous in nature and in industrial applications. Examples include biofluids, like saliva and blood, polymer solutions, dyes, paints and surfactant solutions. The nonlinear rheological behaviour of complex fluids imparts a rich set of unusual characteristics to their flows, which we are investigating through complementary advanced experimental techniques (e.g. micro-particle image velocimetry, PIV) and numerical approaches, including shape-optimisation methods and computational rheology using CFD tools.

The small scales typical of microfluidics are known to increase the importance of surface forces and, for non-Newtonian fluids, there is an enhancement of the role of fluid elasticity beyond anything that can be attained at the macroscale. This behaviour, coupled with a significant reduction of inertial effects, leads to new flow regimes in both single- and multi-phase flows, opening a range of potential applications. We focus on the fundamental flow physics, but are also exploring these unique and exciting characteristics to design new microfluidic components, to develop synthetic biofluid analogues, and to enhance and control microscale processes.