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31st International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics

The next symposium RGD32 will be held in Seoul, South Korea in 2020.


Final Paper Submission

The review process is nearly completed, we will inform the authors our decision very soon by 15th February. 


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The deadline of re-submission is 31 March 2019.



What to submit


1. A final PDF file of your paper with fonts embedded.

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Memorial Session for Prof Bird

We are deeply saddened to hear that Professor Graeme A. Bird passed away on Saturday 26 May. Professor Bird will be greatly missed by the RGD community. A special session in memory of Professor Bird was organised in the 31st International Symposium of Rarefied Gas Dynamics in Glasgow, UK. The video of this session can be downloaded following this Link. The slides of the presentations are avaiable here:Prof Kun Xu, Prof Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou  




Welcome from the organisers

Scottish scientists, including James Clerk Maxwell, have made indispensable contributions to rarefied gas dynamics. RGD31 will provide an opportunity to experience Scotland’s rich legacy in science, mathematics and engineering. We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow on 23rd – 27th July, 2018.



Technology and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, 99 George St, Glasgow, Scotland G1 1RD


See Travel & Accomodation section below for more information about the city and sightseeing.


Key dates

December 4, 2017:       Abstract submission opens

February 1, 2017:         Registration opens

March 30, 2018:            Abstract submission deadline (extended)

April 15, 2018:                Acceptance notification

June 15, 2018:               Registration deadline

July 23-27, 2018:           Symposium


 Relevant topics include

- Boltzmann and Related Equations                                          - Kinetic and Transport Theory

- Numerical Methods for Kinetic Equations                             - DSMC and Related Simulations

- Molecular Dynamics and other Particle Methods                - Multiscale Modelling

- Porous Media Flows                                                                  - Granular Flows and Aerosols

- Non-equilibrium Reacting Flows                                             - Moment Methods

- Vacuum Technology                                                                  - Experimental Techniques for Non-equilibrium Flows

- High-performance Computing in RGD                                   - Space Vehicle Aerodynamics

- Molecular Beam and Collisions                                               - Gas-Surface Interactions

- Plasma Flows and Processes                                                   - Jets and Plumes

- Micro- and Nano-scale Flows                                                  - Radiation and Astrophysics

- Reaction and Relaxation Processes


Organisation Committee

Yonghao Zhang (Chair), Marco Fossati, Dimitris Drikakis, Lei Wu, Sina Haeri (University of Strathclyde)

Jason Reese (University of Edinburgh)

Duncan Lockerby (University of Warwick)

David Emerson (STFC Daresbury Laboratory)

Konstantinos Kontis, Craig White (University of Glasgow)



International Advisory Committee

A. Alexeenko (USA),  Y.A. Bondar (Russia), D. Bruno (Italy), R. Caflisch (USA), R. Campargue (France), C. Day (Germany), J. Fan (China), J. M. Fernandez (Spain), A. Frezzotti (Italy), M.A. Gallis (USA), M.-A. Gaveau (France), V. Giovangigli (France), M. Grabe (Germany), A. Ketsdever (USA), G.M. Kremer (Brazil), E.V. Kustova (Russia), D. Levin (USA), T. Niimi (Japan), S. O'Byrne (Australia), A.K. Rebrov (Russia), H. Struchtrup (Canada), K. Suzuki (Japan), Q. Sun (China), S. Takata (Japan), I. Wysong (USA), Y. Zhang (UK)


RGD Board of Honor

T. Abe (Japan), V. Aquilanti (Italy), K. Aoki (Japan), G. A. Bird (Australia), A. V. Bobylev (Russia), I. Boyd (USA), M. Capitelli (Italy), A. L. Garcia (USA), R. Gatignol (France), J. K. Harvey (UK), L. J. F. Hermans (Netherlands), F. Huisken (Germany), E. Knuth (USA), J. A. Kunc (USA), J. C. Lengrand (France), M. Mareschal (Belgium), J. N. Moss (USA), K. Nanbu (Japan), Y. A. Rijov (Russia), A. Santos (Spain), B. Shizgal (Canada), Y. Sone (Japan), T. Ytrehus (Norway)





Harold Grad Lecture
Professor Henning Struchtrup
Lloyd Thomas Lecture
Professor Richard van de Sanden
Graeme Bird Lecture
Professor Kun Xu
James Weir Lecture
Professor Iain Boyd
Professor Vladimir Aristov
Professor Irina Graur
Professor Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou
Professor Zhihui Li
Professor Salvador Montero
Professor Rho Shin Myong
Professor Pierre Perrier
Professor Xiaowen Shan
Professor Felix Sharipov
Professor Shigeru Takata
Professor Yanbin Yao

Book of abstracts can be downloaded from here.


Please find the updated full programme here.


Fees & Conditions

Travel & Accomodation